Tyler Tarver is one of The Three Geniuses in this world of ours. Sporting a IQ of 195 and a height of 6'5" he will quickly become one of the worlds most successful men.


Tyler is the, more than likely, smartest man in existence. He isn't only just smart but he is also a beef cake. Tyler is so smart that in some countries he is hailed a messiah and he doesn't deny it. Tyler grew up in very poor conditions which toughened him up. Tyler was a regular at the local library, reading every book they had and spending countless days on the computer learning about every topic he could. Tyler proves his intelligence often by doing what seemingly is the impossible like, time travel, dimension hopping, and teleportation. Tyler, more than likely, will stay as the smartest man in the world for a very long time.

Strength 7
Perception 5
Endurance 4
Charisma 4
Intelligence 10
Agility 4
Luck 5